Risk Management
in Software Projects

Janusz Górski, Jakub Miler
Department of Software Engineering

Internet solution to collaborative risk management

Key features

  • team-oriented environment
  • support for risk identification and analysis
  • Internet-based solution to risk communication
  • repository for risk-related information
  • shared knowledge base of typical risks
  • support for many projects at a time

Scope of support

  • explicit roles of risk manager and team member
  • control of the risk assessment process
  • referential knowledge base of typical risks with learning ability
  • risk identification with 5 techniques
  • team risk evaluation and prioritization
  • publication of risk assessment reports
  • communication of registered information on risk

support areas

User interface

user interface is created as a set of web pages accessed with an Internet browser. All pages have uniform look and include the following elements:

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as PDF file

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Information brochure
Learn more on features, support and usage from our information brochure.

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