Trust Management in Wireless Sensor Networks


To develop methods and techniques addressing different aspects of trust in WSNs and to assess the added value of these methods.


The contact for this research project is here.


Trustworthiness of systems based on Wireless Sensor Networks is an issue of growing importance as such systems are rapidly conquerring new application domains. This involves users' trust that systems will provide and maintain the required ans expected level of service quality (e.g. with respect to safety, security and/or privacy guarantees), but may also be considered at a more fine level, for instance concerning mutual trust of the nodes of the network and their ability to collectively flfill the system mission, even in the presence of mailcius attacks.


The approach taken in this research is as follows:

  • New methods of trust management are proposed taking different viewpoints of trustor and trustee.

  • The methods are analyzed applying various means, including formal specifications, simulators and laboratory experiments.

  • Demonstrators are developed to instantiate the methods in realistic conditions


  • The project started in 2006


  • A method of context-sensitive privacy management in WSNs was proposed and demonstrated with the frame of the EC funded 6th FR STREP project ANGEL.

  • A method of managing mutual trust of the nodes of WSN was proposed. A simulator has been developed to analyze the properties of this method.

  • Simulation experiments were carried out to ivestigate the performance of the proposed trust management method for networks of different size and with different patterns of faulty bahaviour.


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