Selected Problems in Environmental Risk Management
and Emerging Threats


Among factors contributing to environmental risks, an increasing role play those associated with technical infrastructures and related technologies. Well established approaches (supported by standards and guidelines) have faced some new challenges resulting from technological, social and political changes. The technological challenge is related to the 'invasion' of new ICT technologies and their profound presence in virtually any technical system. The social and political challenge is related to globalization and the resulting openess and interoperability of systems and the rapid increase of threats related to terrorism and ill will. This calls for new (or revised) approaches which would lessen the 'closed world' assumption often made during safety analysis and broaden the scope of the analyses allowing multiple, possibly conflicting objectives (for instance taking into account the safety-security tradeoff).

The objective of the Workshop is to gather different stakeholders (risk and security researchers, infrastructure owners/operators, environment protection experts, administration) to exchange knowledge and experiences related to environmental risks management and the potential threats generating them, and to work towards development of common understanding of the problem and identification of possible further co-operation with complementary contribution from different partners.

Focus Point

  • Case study on Zulawy Wislane
  • Risk governance
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Interdepencency of multiple infrastructures
  • Continuous risk monitoring
  • Trusted knowledge on risk

Project website

For more information please visit ERM Workshop website:


Project schedule: March - October 2009

ERM Workshop: 3-5 June 2009


  • Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

  • SINTEF ICT, Norway

  • IFE Halden, Norway

  • DNV Polska, Poland

  • Instytut Elektrotechniki, Poland

  • Joint Research Centre, Italy

  • Regionalny Zarzad Gospodarki Wodnej w Gdansku, Poland