Advanced Networked Gateway to Enhance quality of Life


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) appear a promising tool to build ambient intelligence systems even if past research has been primarily focused on internal issues like routing, self-organization, MAC layer design, data aggregation, while the interaction between the WSN and the external world has not been investigated so deeply. On the contrary, we consider fundamental the identification of effective technologies for the interaction of users with WSN?s and the integration of their functionalities with remote services.

The ANGEL project aims at developing methods and tools for building heterogeneous systems in which WSN's and traditional communication networks cooperate to monitor and improve the quality of life in common habitats, e.g., home, car and city environment. In particular the ANGEL project will address the maintenance of the personal health potentiality.

Focus Point

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Ambient intelligence systems
  • Protocol design
  • Societal acceptance
  • Security issues and encryption
  • Trusted architecture

Project website

For more information please visit ANGEL project website:


2006 - 2008


  • Telecom Italia Lab, Italy

  • Philips Semiconductors, Netherlands

  • University of Verona, Italy

  • Philips Research, Germany

  • Scientific Institute Hospital San Raffaele (HSR), Italy

  • Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany

  • Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

  • SESA Gmbh, Austria